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Brand Focus: Sika

Sika is a Swiss multinational speciality chemicals company. Since its inception by Kaspar Winkler in 1910, Sika has been supplying the building sector and motor vehicle industry. Sika prides itself on providing reliable, innovative and long-lasting solutions in the construction, building and manufacturing industries.


A Brief History Of Sika

In 1910, founder Kasper Winkler, invented agents to protect and clean granite, as well as a waterproofing agent for mortars: Sika-1. In 1912, the first subsidiary was founded in Southern Germany and shortly after more subsidiaries were founded in England, Italy and France.

In 1971, Sika was listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. However, in the 90s the company had to withdraw to its core competencies due to weak profitability. 

The last two decades have seen Sika establish more subsidiaries around the globe while also acquiring business to promote growth. In 2013, Sika bought Everbuild, the leading UK manufacturer of sealants and adhesives. Sika acquired JMTexsa, S.A. de C.V. of Mexico and Texsa India Ltd also in 2013. Launching them into waterproofing membranes that complement Sika's roofing product range. 2017 saw further expansion with the acquisition of Butterfield Color, a US-based market leader of decorative concrete flooring products and systems.


Sika Product Range

Sika has a large array of products, but after deciding to focus on their core competencies they have condensed them into: sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting.


Sika Protection

Sika products have been designed to protect concrete and steel structured against climatic conditions, chemical influence, pollution and fire. 

SCHÖNOX specialises in sub floors and cementitious flooring and is a Sika company. They have designed many products specifically for floor levelling compounds. If you require a rapid-drying compound that can be installed as a feather finish then SCHÖNOX SL is an ideal product. For repairing and renovation work in interior areas SCHÖNOX ZM Rapid has very low emissions. 


Sika Damping

By reducing vibrations of all wavelengths in fixed and moving objects, damping leads to fewer reverberations and noise emissions. 


Sika Reinforcing

Strengthening the carrying capacity of statically or dynamically stressed load-bearing structures is carried out by Sika reinforcing products. Sika has solutions to reinforce, fortify and optimise new load-bearing structures.

Sika MonoTop®-610 is primer for reinforcement protection and also a bonding bridge for MonoTop concrete repair mortars, and is a mainstay of Sika’s concrete repair catalogue. For a sulphate resistant, fibre reinforced repair mortar Sika MonoTop®-412 N is specifically designed for the job.


Sika Bonding

Sika is a specialist when it comes to bonding different materials permanently, elastically and securely. Sika bonding technologies have been designed to increase the safety of end products and enable greater freedom of design. Applications of Sika bonding include vehicles, windows and even vast concrete elements in bridges. 

For an easy to mix and apply bonding agent Sikadur®-32 has very good adhesion to most construction materials.


Sika Sealing

Sika sealing allows the minimisation of the flow of gases and liquids between cavities as well as distribution and transfer of heat and cold. Sealant products from Sika leave a vast number of structures impervious to wind and rain, resistant to temperature, age and vibration. 

The range of Sika waterproofing systems covers drainage, membranes and water retaining structure joints. Sika’s Cavity Drainage System includes membranes, Sika standard drainage, Sika plaster drainage and Sika HD20. SikaProof®-A is a pre-applied, fully-bonded membrane system that provides a cost-effective solution. For construction, expansion and connection joints as well as for cracks you will need to use the Sikadur®- Combiflex® SG System.

Sika’s sealing solutions include a variety of Sikaflex products designed for different purposes. Sikaflex® PRO-3 is a polyurethane sealant for floor joints and civil engineering applications. For a multipurpose elastic adhesive and joint sealant Sikaflex®-11 FC+ is ideal for us.


Sika Solutions From Precon Products

As a leading independent specialist distributor and supplier of a vast range of products to the construction and building industry we always have a large stock of Sika products. At Precon, we’re proud to only stock the most trusted brands at a cost-effective price due to our excellent working relationships with our suppliers. 

Don’t hesitate to give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call to discuss your requirements.

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