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Brand Focus: Tarmac

Tarmac is the UK’s leading sustainable construction materials, road contracting and building products business. Tarmac has 150 years experience, employs over 7,000 people across a network of over 400 UK sites. They are the inventors and pioneers of the modern road and they have combined with Blue Circle, the company behind Portland Cement. 

You may be confused between the company Tarmac and the material used to make roads with. However, the material is actually called tarmacadam (we’ll find out why soon) and the company is named Tarmac. Although the company has since diversified its product offering across the construction industry.


A Brief History Of Tarmac

Edgar Purnell Hooley registered Tarmac as a trade mark in 1903 after patenting the process of heating tar, adding slag to the mix and then breaking stones within the mixture to form a smooth road surface. The name is a combination of tar and John McAdam, the Scotsman behind the process of creating a road surface with compressed layers of small broken stones.

Although the company did not take off and it was bought by Wolverhampton MP, Sir Alfred Hickman. Hickman re-launched the company in 1905 when it became a great success and is still a major company. 

Hickman’s purchase of Tarmac was the first of a long line of takeovers, purchases, mergers and acquisitions of the company. The first change in direction came at the beginning of 1974 when Tarmac purchased McLean Homes. This purchase launched Tarmac into the housebuilder and contractor industry, and by the end of the 1980s this area was responsible for over half of Tarmac’s profits.

Fast forward to the present day, and Tarmac is currently owned by CRH with one of its subsidiaries being Tarmac Building Products which is where Precon Products is involved.


Tarmac And Pozament Products

Pozament is a specialist construction products brand of Tarmac and has been an industry leader in cementitious solutions for over 50 years. Pozament offers an off-the-shelf standard range of products as well as own label formulations and bespoke solutions. 

Pozament produce building products that include flooring screed, a range of primers and a number of concrete repair mortars.


What Tarmac Products Do Precon Stock?

Precon Products stock a large range of Tarmac products, including Tarmac repair products and Tarmac Pozament building products.

Our stock includes Pozament flooring products, such as Cemscreed and Cemscreed 5 which is ready to receive all types of flooring after 5 days. We also have the full range of Pozament Hi-Flow flooring systems - a self-levelling, protein-free screed. 

At Precon Products we also stock a selection of Pozament primers available for whichever project you need them for. We have Pozament Epoxy DPM which is suitable for a variety of applications. Acrylic Primer from Pozament that has been designed to benefit the bonding of Pozament concrete repair mortars and a non-toxic, powerful corrosion inhibitor Steel Primer.

Tarmac Pozament concrete repair products range from Easy Patch Mortar to High Performance Repair Mortar. Depending on your job, we will have the correct product for you with availability for same day deliveries. Just speak to our knowledgeable staff and we can make sure you start your project in the right way!

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