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How To Remove Sikaflex

Sikaflex adhesives are a group of products from the Sika Group that are high performance polyurethane sealants. They are suitable for making permanent elastic seals of high adhesive strength on a vast array of materials, such as timber, metals, plastics and ceramics. Sikaflex has a fast curing time, it’s available in a variety of colours and is resistant to ageing. 

However, with Sikaflex’s strong adhesive qualities can come difficulties in cleaning unwanted applications while also removing it when cured and ensuring it doesn’t remain on your hands.  Read below to understand how to properly clean Sikaflex when you need to.


Using Solvents To Remove Uncured Sikaflex

If it has been less than 24 hours since applying Sikaflex the chances are that it has yet to properly cure. This means you can use cleaning solvents to safely remove this durable adhesive.


Safety First

To begin with you will need to put on gloves and a long sleeve top to ensure the sealant doesn’t come in contact with your skin. Although using solvents to remove Sikaflex doesn’t usually produce toxic fumes you may want to vent the room you’re in and possibly wear a face mask.


Scrape Away The Excess

If it’s been less than 24 hours since application the Sikaflex should not have yet cured which makes scraping as much of it away with a putty knife far easier. Dispose of the scrapings within a bin bag and make sure it doesn’t fall on the ground on you as it will cure where it lands.


Use Precon Cleaning Solvent

Wet a rag completely with Precon’s cleaning solvent and squeeze it out thoroughly so it doesn’t drip. Wipe down the area in a circular motion and the solvent should break down the remaining sealant. Ensure the solvent doesn’t come into contact with the Sikaflex you want to remain as it will dissolve this too.


Removing Cured Sikaflex

It takes over 24 hours for Sikaflex to properly cure and at which point it becomes much tougher to remove. It’s durable characteristics means that you will need more powerful tools to help you remove it. 


Protect Yourself

You’ll be scraping off Sikaflex which produces dust and using a sharp blade so we recommend wearing goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands.


Use A Sharp Blade

You’ll need to first use a sharp blade or knife to scrape off the Sikaflex by hand as Sika states that it can only be removed mechanically. Press the blade between the sealant and the surface it's on and begin to pull the sealant away from the surface.


What If The Sikaflex Is Stuck?

Sometimes the sealant can be stuck on to the surface which means you won’t be able to use a blade. If this is the case you can use a grinder to grind the Sikaflex away from the surface - just ensure you don’t damage the surface and always wear goggles when using the tool.

Use the putty knife or chisel again to scrape off any remnants. 


Washing Sikaflex Off Your Hands

Sikaflex quickly begins to harden and cure once exposed to air so you will need to act quickly if you get any on your skin. This is why you should always wear protective clothing when dealing with Sikaflex; gloves and long sleeves are essential.


Use Industrial Hand Cleaner

Ordinary soap will not be effective against Sikaflex so it is advised that you use industrial hand cleanser. Wet your hands and apply the hand cleanser, scrub until the sealant comes off.


Which Sikaflex Products Do Precon Stock?

Precon Products hold huge stocks from over 30 trusted brands across the construction industry - many of which available with next day delivery. We stock a vast range of Sika products and this includes Sikaflex® PRO-3, a polyurethane sealant for floor joints. For sealing movement joints in concrete elements then Sikaflex® PRO-2 HP will provide you with the finish you require. Multipurpose sealant that bonds without pre-treatment is provided with Sikaflex®-11 FC+ which is available in 310cc cartridges and 600cc sausages (primer is required for the latter). Sikaflex® Construction+ is a 1-component elastic joint sealant which has very good resistance to weathering and can be used in hot and tropical climatic conditions. 

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