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Resin Based Curing Agents

There is an Aluminised version with added Aluminium flakes to aid UV reflectivity. Spraying equipment should be thoroughly washed out with RESOKLENS.

Adocure Sealer & Adocure Sealer PF

  • A clear, low viscosity acrylic polymer resin solution, targeted primarily for application to surfaces of freshly laid concrete where it has a double function.
  • Firstly, to form a highly effective concrete curing membrane that conforms to ASTM C309 and secondly to act as an in-depth sealer for the hardened concrete rendering its surface dustproof and extremely hard wearing.
  • Adocure Sealer is also available for Power Floated floors

Adocure Standard

75% efficiency concrete curing compound

Adocure Super

90% efficiency concrete curing compound

Adomast data sheets