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Mould oils


It is a low viscosity, readily applied mineral oil based mould release agent.


A highly efficient yet cost effective mould release agent, offering excellent coverage rates of 40–50m2/Ltr.

Adostrip DC

A blend of the latest surfactant chemistry, blended with traditional release oil technology to create a release agent specifically designed for dry casting operations.


Designed for general site and precast use. It has a higher concentration of mould release chemicals blended together to achieve the highest quality concrete finish.

Adostrike is a premium quality mould oil that offers excellent release characteristics, and a low sag quality which allows application long in advance of casting without loss in release performance or quality of finish.

Suitable for use on all types of formwork, even on sealed or unsealed timber in all climatic conditions. It is highly resistant to removal by rain showers or foot traffic.


Ready to Use, Brushable Wax Protective Coating & Mould Release Agent

Adowax is a blend of mould release oil and specially selected temperature resistant waxes.

This helps with the initial seal of porous formwork and can be used as a mould release agent where the use of liquid release oil is not practical.

It is easy to apply and helps waterproof and protect formwork in all climatic conditions and when not in use.

Mould oils

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