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Adofix & Adofix Rapic

Polyester based masonry / brick slip bonding & repair resin.

A two part bonding resin for general purpose repair and adhesion work which is very easy to mix and apply. Small amounts can be readily mixed to suit and it is a solvent free system, designed primarily for the decorative brick industry for use on lintels, chimneys, arches and brick slips but it is also fully suitable for general crack repair and filling as well as bonding masonry etc. together or to other surfaces. The resin is a fast cure system with gel times being less than 1 hour and ADOFIX RAPID is faster still with less than 30 minute gel times, primarily used for emergency repair. The resulting bond strength for both is generally higher than the material it is bonding together.

  • Available in 1.2 & 5kg with a coverage of approx. 5kg/2m2 @ 1mm deep.
  • Tools should be cleaned with RESOKLENS as quickly as possible to remove any uncured material.

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