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Ardex is one of the world's leading suppliers of flooring and tiling products. Based in Germany, it is an independent family-run business which prides itself on its eye for innovation and ability to create high quality primers, repairs mortars, screeds, compounds and finishing products. At Precon we are proud to stock numerous products from Ardex, available for delivery across the UK.

Easy to use and cost-effective

As well as being of an excellent quality level, thanks to rigorous quality control procedures, Ardex flooring solutions are simple to use. They're also known for fantastic value, with each product providing high coverage. This, and the company's passion for innovation, has cemented their status as a trusted trade partner for construction companies across Europe. Having been in business for more than 60 years, they have an exceptional reputation.

A proven track record in the construction sector

With their focus on speciality building materials, Ardex offers high-performance solutions for flooring throughout the construction sector. Their strict quality control procedures ensure that each product can accurately be called Gold Standard. As a result, Ardex products have been used across high-end construction projects throughout the United Kingdom - including work on the Gleneagles Hotel Spa and Golf Resort in Scotland and the refurbishment of the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Buy Ardex primers, repair mortars and finishing products

Our range of Ardex primers, repair mortars and finishing products help to get flooring perfect, from beginning to end. We've got popular products such as the Ardex P51 Primer & Bonding Agent, which increases the adhesive properties of the products used for sub-floor levelling and smoothing. Because it helps to reduce the formation of air bubbles and pin-holes, it also lengthens the flow life.

For thinner repairs, look for the fast-drying Ardex Feather Finish compound. Designed for smoothing and patching, it can be used to fill gaps. It also bonds well to plywood, concrete and ceramic tiles without prior priming. Another quick-setting option is the Ardex A45 Rapid Hardening & Drying Internal Repair Mortar, which is ideal for screed repairs such as internal stair treads and risers. This product becomes hard enough to walk on and have floor coverings laid on it after just 90 minutes.

Buy Ardex screeds and compounds

Ardex screeds and compounds create level surfaces for laying flooring perfectly. A time-saving option is the Artidex Self Levelling Screed, which is a partially self-smoothing latex compound. Flexible, highly adhesive and resistant to water, it can be used under a damp proof membrane. Easy to mix, with low drag on the trowel, it is ready for floor covering after four hours.

Another fast-to-use option is the Arditex RS Plus Rapid Setting Levelling Compound, which can be laid in layers from 1.5mm to 6mm - and the thickest layers will be ready to have flooring laid on top the next day. Other levelling compounds in the collection include Ardex K11 - which contains a blend of high quality synthetic resins, cements and fillers - and Ardex K15 - a virtually tension-free sub-floor smoothing compound with a new formula designed for superior flow.

Find the right Ardex product for your needs

If you need help choosing an Ardex floor solution, or want to know more about the company, get in touch with Precon Products today.

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