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Polymeric DPC/Cavity Tray System

High Build DPC / Cavity Tray System is part of a new generation of high performance polymeric flexible sheet DPC membranes designed to provide a total waterproofing solution to the diverse details required within the damp-proofing of brick/block, stonework or concrete for both solid and cavity wall construction. High Build provides excellent tensile strength, elongation and low temperature flexibility and is resistant to compression under the heaviest of loadings, while remaining flexible and easy to handle.

Preformed Cavity Tray Units

High Build offers a complete system solution for cavity tray work, providing a full range of standard preformed cavity tray units and specials. It provides ease of installation for awkward details while maintaining continuity of the damp proofing and thereby reducing the risk of leakage paths by site forming.

The standard units are designed to cater for 50 and 75mm cavity widths and allow for 150 or 225mm drop within the cavity. They also include junctions for the intersection between below ground tanking systems where bituminous membranes should not be subject to load.

High Build is supplied in 20m roll lengths and is available in the following standard roll widths: 75mm, 100mm, 112.5mm, 150mm, 225mm, 360mm, 450mm & 600mm.

High Build is compatible with all building materials with which it is likely to come into contact during the normal course of construction.

20 metre rolls available in the following widths 100m, 150mm, 225mm, 450mm, 600mm, 900mm.

Other sizes are available to order.


  • Excellent low temperature flexibility
  • Very good puncture resistance
  • Will not extrude under load
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Will not embrittle through ageing
  • Specialist details and assistance provided
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