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CETCO is the construction technologies business unit of Minerals Technologies Incorporated. They are an internationally renowned as market leaders in minerals, chemistry and the science of polymers, transforming ordinary minerals into exceptional technology.

Using sophisticated techniques, Minerals Technologies Inc. have developed a comprehensive range of mineral-based and fabricated alloy commodities, many of which have utility in the building and construction sector. CETCO are highly regarded for their bentonite geo-textile waterproofing system, a building material which is impervious to humidity and weathering.

Precon Products carries a comprehensive stock line of CETCO waterproofing products, supplying these across the UK construction and building sector. Precon makes hundreds of deliveries of units by manufacturers, such as CETCO, across the UK every day.

The CETCO water-resistance solutions which can be supplied by Precon includes items such as their fluid applied cementitious waterproofing system Volseal. Concrete joint water infiltration barrier Waterstop. Low permeable, hydrophilic weatherproof solution Coretex. Trowel-grade mastics such as Bentoseal and Seal-X XP. Cold-applied bitumen-rubber compound Maxbit SKW. Cetseal, a multi-purpose, single component polyether moisture cure sealant. Geo-textile membrane systems such as Ultraseal, Voltex and Swelltite. These are all highly regarded building and construction components from CETCO and they can be dispensed with short lead times across the UK from the strategically positioned Precon despatch hubs.

Using Volseal, waterproofing is achieved by surface application of the material, which then permeates into the pores of the concrete by capillary action. CETCO's Volseal is supplied in powder form in containers, and needs only to be mixed with water prior to application.

Waterstop is a water infiltration preventative barrier system designed by CETCO. Laid down as a strip along a concrete joint it distends upon contact with liquid moisture to form a seal against the solidified concrete construction material. As a waterproofing system, Waterstop has been tested to over 60 meters of hydrostatic water pressure, under both continuous immersion and wet/dry cycling, demonstrating CETCO's exacting manufacturing quality standards for products in the building and construction industry.

Geo-textiles membranes are permeable frameworks which have the capability to protect against moisture infiltration. CETCO offers a range incorporating polymer technology providing first class performance against an array of geo-environmental contaminants. Popular product Ultraseal XP membrane, when hydrated, can swell to many times its dry volume forming a highly controlled impervious waterproofing solution. CETCO's Voltext DS has the ability to form a powerful mechanical bond to concrete when the membrane fibres are enclosed into the exterior aspect of cast-in-place concrete. Swelltite's responsive bentonite compound contains effectively zero volatile organic compounds, but offers the robustness and puncture resistance of a much thicker waterproofing membrane.

Precon can supply CETCO construction solutions to any site across the whole of the UK, be it cementitious waterproofing systems or water infiltration barriers. Taking time to fully get-to-grips with and understand the challenges of each customer is key to supplying the most effective on-site solution.

If you need further information on CETCO products, do not hesitate to call Precon Products. They pride themselves on supplying the most effective solution, quickly and efficiently, offering a level of customer care that is second to none in the UK.

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