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At Precon, we work only with tried and trusted suppliers, like British construction solutions company, Cordek.

Cordek has been developing, designing and making building and engineering components and solutions since 1973, working with a wide variety of sectors. Manufactured in-house, Cordek products are made to the company's exacting standards.

We stock Cellcore by Cordek, one of their range of ground heave solutions. Find out more here, and contact us to discuss your requirements.

Cellcore by Cordek

Cellcor by Cordek is designed to prevent ground heave. This is the expansion of earth, and is usually caused by an increase in moisture. Soils, especially clay-based soils, can expand upwards when their moisture content increases, resulting in the ground surface level rising.

There are several causes of ground heave (also called ground displacement), from soil removal (for example, basement excavation) to simply seasonal weather changes. This ground displacement can cause structural problems with foundations and walls, resulting in long-term damage and a de-valued structure.

Cordek's solution is to create a robust cellular layer that protects the floor slabs, ground beams and pile caps from expanding soil. Cellcore has become a go-to solution for the construction industry.

Types of Cellcore at Precon

At Precon, we offer a choice of Cordek's Cellcore solutions. Cellcore HX S is for use under reinforced concrete slabs. The cellular construction is made from expanded polystyrene, and its role is simple: it's placed under the floor to reduce the upwards force of the expanding soil.

Cellcore HX S is available in a selection of depths and grades. Please contact us at Precon to discuss your requirements.

Cellcore HX B is also made from cellular expanded polystyrene. Again, it acts to protect the structure from the impact of ground heave, but is specifically designed to work with reinforced concrete ground beams and pile caps.

The depth and grade of Cellcore HX B you need depends on the heave potential of the soil and the depth of the concrete to be used. Again, please get in touch with us at Precon to discuss your project.

Prevent problems with ground heave: speak to the team at Precon today

The remedial costs of dealing with ground heave can be eye-watering. Keep your project on track by making ground heave solutions part of your construction project.

At Precon, we work with contractors and civil engineers across the country. We offer a fast, nationwide delivery service throughout mainland UK, making sure that your order arrives on site when you need it. You can also speak with one of our advisers, who can go through the sizes and grades of Cordek Cellcore with you, making sure that the product you order is right first time.

To find out more, and to get a quote for your Cellcore, please get in touch with us today.

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