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Cellcore HX S & HX B

Cellcore HX S is designed for use beneath reinforced concrete floor slabs to protect against the potential effects of ground heave. The product consists of a cellular construction of Filcor EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) which has been designed, moulded and tested to tight tolerances to achieve the specified performance characteristics.


  • Reduces the upward force transmitted to the structure from ground heave
  • Wide range of profiles and grades to suit most applications
  • BBA certified
  • Meets the NHBC’s Technical Standards
  • Moulded production for enhanced and consistent performance
  • Available with integral EPS insulation, permanent formwork for
  • ground beams or passive gas venting
  • Patented Product Technology

The standard range of products are available in a variety of depths and grades to suit most commonly encountered combinations of soil heave potential and concrete depth. Variations of the product are also available for use under pile caps and ground beams or alternatively where integral insulation, permanent formwork or passive gas venting is required.


  • The Cellcore HX S range is designed to protect reinforced concrete floor slabs.
  • The cellcore HX B range is designed for ground beam protection.

Table 1 - Standard Grades

Grade* Safe Load (kN/m²) Fail Load (kN/m²) Maximum Concrete Depth** (mm)
7/10 7 10 220
9/13 9 13 300
13/18 13 18 460
18/24 18 24 660
24/32 24 32 900

* For easy identification the panel labels are coloured as shown.
** Based on the Eurocode and a live load allowance of 1.5kN/m².

If the shrinkage potential is more than high, consult Cordek's Technical Services Team.

Table 2 - Selection of Cellcore HX

Results of Soil Analysis NHBC Category Predicted Ground Movement or BRE / NHBC Requirement Depth of Cellcore HX Required to Achieve 'Equivalent Void'
Plasticity index Shrinkage category Void dimensions (mm) HX S (mm) HX B (mm)
10 - 20 Low 50 90 85
20 - 40 Medium 100 160 155
40 - 60* High 150 225 220

* When the analysis exceeds 60 or a deeper void is required, consult Cordek's Technical Services Team.

For concrete thicknesses between 900mm and 2000mm, further grades of Cellcore are available. For further advice please contact the Precon Technical Team.

Cellcore HX S & HX B main image

Cellcore HX S & HX B

  • Cellcore HX S & HX B illustration
  • Cellcore HX S & HX B illustration
  • Cellcore HX S & HX B illustration

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