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Lotrak Geotechnical


Lotrak® has been at the forefront of geotextile application and design over the last 30 years. Don & Low is the market leader in the UK but also sells its range of geotextile fabrics extensively throughout Europe. The Lotrak® range of geotextiles are suited to a wide range of construction and civil engineering applications.


Lotrak® fabrics are ideal for Separation, Reinforcement, Filtration, Erosion control and Drainage and meet specific target values for strength and tensional stiffness for effective reinforcement. They have a high resistance to installation damage and are designed to offer waterflows for the most demanding applications with pore size distributions that ensure effective filtration throughout their service life.

  • All fabrics have a proven track record over many years.
  • All fabrics are CE marked to comply with the latest European standards and requirements.
  • For use as separation, reinforcement, filtration, erosion control and drainage
    High resistance to installation damage
  • Available in 4.5/5.0 x 100mt rolls
  • Applications - Roads, civil engineering, reinforcement, separation,
    filtration, erosion control, drainage, embankments, car parks, construction.


Our range of nonwoven geotextiles complements our portfolio of woven geosynthetics and enables us to address a more diverse variety of civil engineering applications.

Lotrak® 100, 200 and 300 can be used to provide additional properties that can prevent the intermixing of selected sub base materials from the sub grade, whilst offering effective fines filtration where necessary.

The nonwoven grades are ideal for use in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), in attenuation systems for both infiltration and membrane protection.

The pore size of the geotextile is small enough to control the particle movement of the soil, but large enough to avoid clogging and maintain waterflow by initiating a bridging zone to promote natural soil filtration.

Applications - Roads, civil engineering, reinforcement, separation, filtration, erosion control, drainage, embankments, car parks, construction.

Question: Which geotextile is used where?

  • LOTRAK® geotextiles have 5 functions:


  • Separating the sub base and the sub grade
  • Preventing intermixing of construction layers and maintaining construction thicknesses
  • Keeping expensive aggregates apart from soft ground


  • Reinforcing over weak sub grades
  • Absorbing stresses that occur when heavy loads pass over the road


  • Small enough to control soil particle movement
  • Large enough to avoid clogging and maintain water flow
  • Creates a bridging zone to promote natural soil filtration


  • High resistance to static and dynamic puncture when used in coastal erosion protection works
  • Effective anchorage in the construction attained through frictional interlock


  • Allows water to pass through into a filter drain without carrying fine soil particles with it
  • HF grades offer very high water flow with relatively large pore size distribution
    • Lotrak® Advance and 1800 are used for basic separation and filtration.
    • Lotrak® 2300 and 2800 are used for separation and filtration.
    • Lotrak® 4000 is used where high strength separation is required along with filtration.
    • Lotrak® Alarm18 and Signet are high visibility separation membranes.
    • Lotrak® 25R, 50R and 70R are used as reinforcing fabrics, with selection dependent on the ground conditions, and offer a separation function.
    • Lotrak® HF 550 is used where strength and high water flow rates are required.
    • Lotrak® 100 is used for separation and filtration. - Lotrak® 200 offers higher strength separation and filtration.
    • Lotrak® 300 addresses membrane protection applications in addition to high demand separation and filtration.
    • Lotrak® 20/20S and 30/30S are reinforcement grids.

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