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Precon Conform provides the contractor with a rapid and cost effective method of constructing on-site concrete ground beams and pile caps. Manufactured from heavy duty polypropylene in 7.5mm thickness and 1350g per m² compressive strength, the system has many advantages over traditional timber or steel pan construction.

These include the following benefits:

  • Can be bent to form any ground beam detail.
  • Requires less excavation than traditional shuttering.
  • Light but rigid so easily handled.
  • Can arrive on site tailor made ready for installation.
  • Supplied and delivered flat pack so requires minimal storage space. Reduces over dig and spoil cartage.
  • Easily installed using only a sharp knife and assembled by unskilled labour.
  • Can be cut to exact dimensions to ensure that perfect cover is maintained.
  • Minimises concrete wastage.
  • No shutter stripping, cleaning or release agents are needed.
  • Easily adapted to suit variations on site, such as pipes, cables and other services.

Supply Options:

  • Full Size Sheets available in 2.4 x 4.4m, 2.4 x 4.0m, 2.0 x 4.0m and 1.8 x 4.0m.
  • Cut to size strips when using sided only. Full cutting service available.
  • Pre-fabricated ‘U’ section fabricated in our factory to suit all site requirements.


  • Mesh Fix Spacers 
  • Track Spacers
  • Jointing Tape
  • Cutting knives