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Fosroc Concrete Repair, Sealants & Waterproofing Systems


Supplying a range of sectors that include commercial, industrial, residential, marine and infrastructure Fosroc is a British manufacturer of specialised construction chemicals.

Fosroc Waterproofing

Fosroc delivers a full range of world-class waterproofing systems that ensure the integrity and durability of concrete structures.

Fosroc Sealants

Fosroc sealant products prevent the ingress of water, wind and chemicals into building structures.

Fosroc Concrete Repair

Fosroc’s high quality protective systems and repair materials can prolong the life of a structure.

Who Are Fosroc?

Fosroc is a market leader in the manufacture of adaptable solutions for a wide variety of construction project applications. They combine high quality-standards and ingenious design to deliver innovative product lines in areas such as concrete repair, waterproofing, and sealants.

Precon Products carries comprehensive stocks of a large number of key product lines from the Fosroc brand portfolio, supplying these across the UK building and construction sector. Precon makes hundreds of deliveries of products by manufacturers, such as Fosroc, across the UK every day.

Which Fosroc Products Do Precon Stock?

Precon's stock of Fosroc construction solutions includes products such as their concrete repair range; Renderoc, Nitomortar, Nitofill, cementitious grout, repair primers, Patchroc and the XR range. Fosroc's sealant range includes coldpour sealant, Thioflex, as well as their durable Nitoseal product line.

Their waterproofing catalogue consists of a number of their popular Proofex products such as cavity drains, membranes for a variety of applications, Sheetdrain and Hydromat. These are all well regarded Fosroc product lines which can be distributed with short lead times across the UK from its strategically positioned dispatch hubs.

Fosroc’s Concrete Repair Experience

Fosroc has a wide understanding of the challenges involved in the repair and reinstatement of concrete. Renderoc is Fosroc's high performance intermediate weight concrete restorative mortar which conforms to the requirements of British Safety Standards. There are a range of options available, from low permeability characteristic mortar where compressive strength is not the most imperative consideration to those with a greater, robust compact-ability.

Fosroc has developed Nitomortar to fulfil a range of applications. 'HB' is a high performance solvent free epoxy resin system designed to offer superb hanging properties in vertical and overhead working scenarios. There is also 'S' for horizontal use, 'FC' which can be applied to damp surfaces and in areas where fast curing is required. 'PE' is a special grade which allows it to be applied with suitable aggregate, thereby reducing the cost of infilling larger work spaces.

Fosroc Sealants & Their Applications

Whilst accounting for a relatively small proportion of construction project costs, sealants are an integral part of any structure, and Fosroc intrinsically understands this. Using technology and the benefit of their wide experience, Fosroc have developed a number of sealants for specific applications on-site.

These sealants include: pouring grade which are exclusively for horizontal joints in floors and walkways; gun grade sealants suitable for both vertical and horizontal joint application.

Fosroc's Colpor maintains its movement accommodation of twenty five percent throughout the extremes of temperature. It will not harden in lower temperature weather nor become especially soft or pick up in hotter conditions.

Thioflex, which has been manufactured by Fosroc for use in superstructure buildings where access for maintenance will be tricky, can be supplied in both gun and pouring grades. The latter should be considered for general application, whereas the pouring grade is for horizontal surfaces and is supplied with the base and curing agent in separate tins. It also has construction applications for sealing joints in brickwork, retaining walls, basements and subways.

Fosroc Waterproofing Systems

Bringing high quality standards and considerable manufacturing clout Fosroc offers a comprehensive range of waterproofing systems from basement to roof, including waterproof membranes and waterstop structures.

Fosroc's Proofex cavity drainage former provides a continuous drainage and damp proof barrier with considerable compressive strength thanks to the conical voids enabling high load transfer. It is chemically resistant and easily fixed and applied into any sub-structure using mechanical fixings.

Amongst the Fosroc range stocked by Precon, there is also high performance methane, radon and CO2 resisting waterproof membrane. Its self adhesive layer system makes installation quick, simple and, crucially, reliable.

How Precon Can Help With Fosroc Products

Whether your construction project will be exposed to rainwater, groundwater or contaminates within the soil, Fosroc's considerable product expertise can provide a cost-effective project solution to any structural or environmental challenge.

If you need further information on Fosroc, do not hesitate to call Precon Products. They pride themselves on supplying the most effective solution, quickly and efficiently, offering a level of customer care that is second to none in the UK.

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