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Rapid Setting Cementitious Bedding Mortar

Fosroc® XR 45 is used for the installation and levelling of street ironwork. It is particularly useful where interruption to traffic flow must be minimised. It allows the bedding and installation of manhole frames and gulleys and their return to use in less than 45 minutes. Fosroc® XR 45 can also be used for the emergency repair of industrial floors, roads, runways, bridge decks and car park decks.

Fosroc XR 90

General purpose fast-setting cementitious bedding and repair mortar. FOSROC® XR 90 is used for bedding levelling and installation of street ironwork and applications which require high early strength to help reduce road closure times.

FOSROC® XR 90 can be used for emergency and general concrete repairs.

Fosroc RSC

Rapid setting concrete
For rapid reinstatement/backfill around manhole frames in roadways and installation of street furniture. FOSROC® XR RSC is particularly useful where minimum traffic interruption is required. For the emergency repair and reinstatement of concrete in roads, airfields and factories.

FOSROC XR Range main image