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Nitomortar HB

Nitomortar HB is based on a high performance solventfree epoxy resin system. The special lightweight filler is specifically designed to give excellent ‘hanging’ properties for vertical and overhead work. Nitomortar HB is a threecomponent material supplied in pre-weighed quantities ready for on-site mixing and use.

Nitomortar S

For the fast and permanent reinstatement of concrete, particularly where high strength, abrasion-resistance and resistance to chemicals is required. The product is designed for horizontal use but can be applied vertically, although generally in thinner sections. It is ideally suited for acid tanks, sea walls, industrial floors and for use as a bedding mortar. Nitomortar S can be used for emergency repairs where fast strength gain is important.

When properly compacted, the mortar is highly impermeable. In certain instances, Nitomortar S can be used on metal substrates.

Contact the local Fosroc office for advice in this respect. For fast repairs in vertical and overhead locations where a higher-build, lightweight formulation is required, the use of Nitomortar HB is recommended.

Nitomortar FC

Nitomortar FC is a two-component thixotropic material based on high quality solvent-free epoxy resin systems. The colour coded material is supplied in pre-weighed quantities ready for on-site mixing and use.

Nitomortar FC can be applied to damp surfaces and quickly cures to form a completely impermeable surface ready for overcoating. Nitomortar FC can be applied up to 5 mm thickness on vertical and overhead locations in a single application without the use of form- work. Greater thicknesses than those specified can be achieved by application of subsequent layers. Consult Fosroc Customer Services Department for further information.

For higher build characteristics to vertical or overhead locations, Nitomortar HB is recommended

Nitomortar PE

Nitomortar PE products are based on a polyester resin system. There are two grades. Nitomortar PE: The standard material for general purpose use.

Nitomortar PE Concrete: A special grade allowing users to add suitable aggregate, thereby substantially reducing the cost of infilling larger voids.

Winter versions of Nitomortar PE is available which are faster setting at low ambient temperatures. Both grades of Nitomortar PE are supplied as two-component products with pre-weighed quantities of liquid resin and powdered hardener, ready for on-site mixing and use.

The hardener system enables the mix to be varied from a pourable consistency to a trowellable mortar without significantly affecting the setting times or strengths achieved.