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Colpor Sealant

Colpor 200PF retains its movement accom- modation of 25% on butt joints throughout the extremes of temperature, it does not harden in cold weather nor become excessively soft or pick up in hot conditions. In trafficked areas the maximum expansion joint width should be limited to 30mm. It is necessary to recess the level of the sealant 5 to 8mm below the pavement surface dependent on the time of year and temperature prevailing at the time of sealing. The width/depth ratio of the Colpor 200PF seal should be 1: 1 to 1??:1 subject to a minimum 10mm depth of sealant (example, contraction joint: 15mm wide x 13mm
depth; expansion joint: 25mm wide x 20mm depth.

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Colpor Sealant

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