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Proofex Hydromat

A pre- or post-applied bentonite waterproofing membrane consisting of two elements:

  • Natural sodium bentonite as the sealing material.
  • Two layers of geotextile to encapsulate and contain the bentonite.

A continuous layer of natural sodium bentonite is sandwiched between a needle-punched polypropylene geotextile (the cover layer) and a slit film woven geotextile (the carrier layer). The components are needle-punched together uniformly across the membrane to hold the bentonite sealing material in a stable position. The surface of the cover layer is filled during manufacture with the same bentonite as in the center of the membrane to facilitate continuity of bentonite across the membra

Proofex Corner Pieces

125mm internal and external corner pieces made from polyethylene membrane with a 100mm butyl selvedge.

Proofex Engage Detail Strip

A 10m reinforced, double sided waterproof adhesive tape for sealing and jointing roll ends, cut edges and corner pieces. It consists of a strong synthetic fibre fabric impregnated and coated both sides with a rubber bitumen adhesive, which is protected by a removable siliconised paper.

Protection Board

Tough, rot-proof, bitumen impregnated boards used for protecting waterproofing membranes against physical damage. Boards are 2 x 1m x 3mm

  • Light and easily handled Low water absorption
  • Rot-proof
  • Durable
  • Robust
  • Flexible

Proofex Total Tape

Used to adhere Proofex Top Hats to Proofex Engage and as a closure strip to Proofex 'L' section. 50mm x 30m roll

Proofex 'L' Section

This 10m long x 250mm wide section of polyethylene has 2 butyl selvedge strips. It is used by bending at 90o along its length for application between horizontal and vertical membrane to provide waterproofing continuity and it also connects with internal and external corner pieces. Proofex 'L' section is supplied with a butyl 'closure' strip at each end, if the 'L' section is cut this strip must be replaced with Proofex Engage Detail Strip or Total Tape.

Proofex Top Hat

Waterproof pipe entry consisting of polyethylene / polypropylene membrane, which includes an aluminium foil layer.

Available: for 110 & 160mm pipe penetrations.

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Proofex Hydromat

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