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Proofex Sheetdrain

Geocomposite HDPE drainage sheet with thermobonded polypropylene filter


Proofex Sheetdrain is a double cuspated drainage sheet, available in 2 sizes: 8mm for depths up to 6m and 16mm for depths up to 20m. It is fixed to walls and roofs of structures to provide a filtered, drainage plane that will route ground water and gases away from the structure, utilising subsoil drains to link with the site drainage system. Proofex Sheetdrain reduces water pressure on structures and the possibility of water ingress and can be effectively used in conjunction with other waterproofing systems. Proofex Sheetdrain can also be used as protection to a sheet mem- brane against physical damage from backfill operations.

It is an effective alternative to traditional stone ‘French’ drains providing improved drainage performance. Where directly cast concrete sub- structure walls need to be drained, Proofex Sheetdrain may be used as a lost shuttering liner. Proofex Sheetdrain is effective in constructing basements, retaining walls, service ducts, lift pits and subways with and without Proofex sheet membrane, allowing construction to BS 8102 :1990.

Proofex Sheetdrain provides filtered drain- age and enhanced protection when used with Proofex waterproof membranes on reservoirs, podia and elevated slabs

Proofex Sheetdrain main image

Proofex Sheetdrain