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GCP Applied Technologies, formerly part of W.R. Grace


GCP Applied Technologies, formerly part of the W.R. Grace corporation, has over 50 years of expertise in creating new product for the building and construction industry.

Their portfolio of construction products includes waterproofing and joint fillers, as well as membranes and protection board, designed to ensure quality and enhance business productivity. Known and relied upon globally by many of the world's most successful builders and contractors, GCP Applied Technologies is a brand that can be trusted to deliver.

Precon Products carries a wide-ranging stock of merchandise of GCP Applied Technologies construction products, providing these across the UK building sector. Precon make many deliveries of products, such as those of GCP Applied Technologies, across the UK every week.

Precon's extensive stock of W.R. Grace (now GCP Applied Technologies) waterproofing, jointing, membrane and protective products includes units such as: pre-fabricated geo-composite drainage sheets called Hydroduct; Bituthene® 5000 HD and Bitushield, a flexible dual bridge deck waterproofing and protection system; BETEC® grouts and cementitious mortars; BITUTHENE® resistant liquid membrane; BITUTHENE® solvent-based bituminous primer for preparing surfaces for membrane application; PREPRUFE® waterproofing membranes; Servipak®, a simple cold-applied waterproofing system; Adcore 500S a swellable water-stop strip; Bituthene GP, high density polyethylene film and self-adhesive rubber/bitumen compound.

One of Precon's most in-demand W.R. Grace (now GCP Applied Technologies) products in HYDRODUCT® CF. This is an efficient and cost effective drained cavity former. When installed against the interior face of a concrete wall or floor HYDRODUCT® CF will deliver a unbroken drainage path. In separating the finish from the structure, risk of water admission is lowered. As with many of the products in this line, it requires ancillary items to complete the system.

Manufactured to exacting quality standards by GCP Applied Technologies (previously a part of W.R. Grace), BITUSHIELD™ is a self-adhesive moisture impermeability membrane capped with mineralised felt for unprotected waterproofing detailing. Preformed and cold applied this non-woven polyester reinforced protection membrane is for application in construction scenarios involving the protection of exposed balcony and terrace edging. It is also suitable for UV exposed application.

BETEC® products are widely used throughout the building and construction sector due to their well balanced application, installation simplicity and long lasting durability. The range includes grouts and cementitious mortars which are used for underfilling and bridging structural constituents. W.R. Grace (now GCP Applied Technologies) offers an exceptionally wide portfolio to encompass virtually any construction application encountered.

GCP Applied Technologies (previously a part of W.R. Grace) has developed BITUTHENE® membranes to fulfil a multitude of applications. These self-adhesive laminate have a distinctive HDPE film amalgam that offers superior physical properties for water and vapour resistant application in sub-structures. It provides effectual exterior protection against vigorous soils, polluted ground water and hydrocarbons in suspension. As part of the the extensive GCP Applied Technologies catalogue, this product enables quality assured induction and compatibility with other product lines.

Taking time to completely get-to-grips with and appreciate the challenges of each customer is key to supplying the most effective on-site construction solution. If you need further information on GCP Applied Technologies (previously a part of W.R. Grace), do not hesitate to call Precon Products. They pride themselves on supplying the most effective solution, quickly and efficiently, offering a level of customer care that is second to none in the UK.

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