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Containment Engineering

Containment engineering involves the process of preventing contamination entering the built environment. Covering a wide range of applications including; Landfill Sites, Quarries and Mines, AD biogas, Leachate Treatment, Fracking and storage lagoons.

The extensive range of geosynthetics enables the most appropriate solution to be selected for the appropriate environment. Consideration should always be given to the specific site conditions and the anticipated design life of the containment project.

We are able to offer bespoke solutions to cover off high risk applications such as Fracking containment Lagoons, AD treatment plants and Landfill site containment. Working closely with the Environment Agency on developing standards, we are at the forefront of advanced technologies and material manufacturing to enable cost effective, value engineered designs.

  • Geosynthetic Clay lining systems.
  • Impermeable membranes and Hydrocarbon barriers.
  • Specialist Fracking Barriers for groundwater protection.
  • Range of geotextiles to provide protection, separation and filtration.
  • AD Treatment Plants
  • Landfill Containment
  • Fracking

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