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Cardboard Column Formers

Whether you're using reinforced concrete columns as part of the structural framework of your build or as a decorative finishing touch, casting is easy with cardboard column formers. Quick and simple to use, they leave a perfect surface - ideal if the columns are going to be on display.

What are column formers?

Cardboard column formers are a single-use option intended to speed up construction. The moulds are coated in water resistant materials to hold concrete in place as it sets into the desired shape. Far less time-consuming - and much more cost-effective - than traditional column forming, using a column former is the simplest way to handle in-situ casting of reinforced concrete pillars.

At Precon Products you'll find column formers in a variety of shapes and textures, with the option to have them sized to your own specifications. This ensures a uniform length, diameter and surface in every instance.

Why use cardboard column formers?

Lightweight and easy to handle, there's no need to use a crane to manoeuvre a cardboard column former into place. It doesn't take long to set them up, and they're easy to remove once the concrete has set. This ease of use can speed up building jobs exponentially. Best of all, their simplicity and abundance means that builders can create several concrete pillars in the course of one day.

Since they're disposable there's no need to clean them and organise return transport, and you don't need a concrete release agent to remove the former from the finished product. Many column formers, such as the Monotub Speed, have built-in zippers to make the process even easier. Otherwise you can strip the cardboard off with a knife.

What shapes do column formers come in?

Column formers come in three standard shapes. Circular column formers are used to create rounded columns, whilst square and rectangular forms are best if you prefer a pillar with sharp edges. Round and circular column formers, such as the standard Monotub DD, are most common. Square and rectangular column formers are usually presented in the same round tube, with polystyrene inserts to gain the desired angular effect.

Can column formers create different textures?

While unspoiled finishes are the most popular, manufacturers often provide a variety of different textural options. Smooth formers leave a perfect flat surface - occasionally with one or two small bubbles - while a spiral finish leaves subtle markings in the finished concrete pillar. Using a mould ensures an identical finish across the building project, which is particularly desirable if the columns are going to be on display.

How to use column formers

Cardboard column formers are lightweight and easy to use. Simply place them where you need the column to go, and pour the cement inside. Once it hardens, the column former can be removed. Due to the nature of the product, column formers are always water resistant. This means there's no rush to remove them from the hardened column, as they can easily stand up to inclement weather conditions on building sites.

Which brands produce column formers?

While there are numerous column former producers on the market, Precon Products is proud to be the only UK distributor of Monotub cardboard column formers. If you want to know more about Monotub, or cardboard column formers in general, please get in touch.

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