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Cardboard Column Formers

The use of one way cardboard column formers in all kinds of construction work is considered to be very normal all over the European continent. Circular columns, supportive or only decorative, are adding extra dimensions to the interior or exterior of a building. However, cost reduction is the main reason for constructors to use MONOTUB DD as formwork for circular columns.

  • MONOTUB DD improves rapid construction because erecting, pouring the concrete, and removing the formwork can be done very quickly.
  • Costs for concrete can be reduced, because it can be delivered for all columns at once.
  • MONOTUB DD is extremely light, and can simply be erected by one man, without the use of cranes.
  • In most cases, traditional formwork that could be available, has to be adjusted to the sizes required, while MONOTUB DD usually is delivered on your specification.

MONOTUB DD is produced out of recycled waterproof carton. The product is 100% water resistant and can be used in all possible weather conditions. Every storage on site can be done without the risk of damaging the quality of the formwork because of humidity or rain.

Another advantage of MONOTUB DD is the fact that the formwork can be removed at the moment suitable for you, which enables you to increase efficiency on manpower. Besides, the formwork can be used as column protection, after the concrete has cured.

Monotub D.D. data sheet