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With three styles, and different height options, the Permasteel screed rail is versatile, durable, and quick and easy to install.


  • Strong, rigid permanent formwork. Light in weight, for ease of handling and economic delivery.
  • Bundles can be stacked, for ease of storage. Different styles available for various slab depths from 40mm to 200mm (note, the slab depth determines which style of product will be supplied).
  • Can be cut at any point, and lengths can be joined easily.
  • Provides some load transfer capability, superi or to aggregate interlock alone. May negate the need for dowels (note, we always recommend load transfer should be calculated by an engineer).
  • Supplied in galvanised steel.


  • Suitable for external slabs, and pedestrian use. Not recommended for heavy duty areas or where materials handling vehicles are used.
Permasteel main image


  • Permasteel illustration
  • Permasteel illustration