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Permanent Welded Mesh Formwork - formerly Novoform

This section includes items previously branded as Novoform, a portable, trouble free, permanent formwork system which provides an accomplished and economic substitute to conventional timber in-ground frameworks. The welded mesh panels are encapsulated in film and passed through a heat tunnel to be shrink wrapped. The panels can be supplied in strips or bent into shapes.

If the mould’s not right, nothing runs smoothly. Creating concrete moulds is an essential skill on many construction projects: and Permanent Welded Mesh Formwork can make this stage a whole lot more efficient.

Traditional wood-based formwork is time-consuming, and adds to the workload on site. Tough, high-quality plastic formwork is an effective and efficient alternative that’s increasingly popular in the construction industry.

Plastic formwork is easy-to-use, robust and lightweight. It can be removed and reused, or left in place as a durable part of the permanent structure.

Why Use Plastic Formwork?

  • It can either form a permanent structure or be reused
  • It is lightweight and easy to manage on site
  • Plastic formwork is strong and sturdy
  • It can be cut and bent to your exact dimensions
  • As the concrete doesn’t stick to it, it is easy to clean before reusing
  • It’s moisture resistant
  • No rust or water damage
  • Supplied in pre-cut sizes, in sheets or ready-bent to your requirements
  • No need to use oil before removing
  • Does not require skilled labour

Plastic Formwork At Precon Products

At Precon Products, we have a range of Permanent Welded Mesh Formwork, both permanent and reusable, designed to make the concrete molding process easier and more efficient. This includes products from trusted construction brands such as Flexadux Plastics Ltd.

Permanent Welded Mesh Formwork

Permanent Welded Mesh Formwork is a permanent alternative to timber structures. This easy-to-use formwork can stay in place after the concrete sets, saving you the extra task of removing it. The plastic formwork is light and easy to use, and doesn’t require skilled labour to install.

It is made from film-coated mesh that has been passed through a heat tunnel to be shrink wrapped. We can supply it either in strips or bent into shape, depending on your needs. Please let us know your exact requirements, and we will deliver your formwork panels direct to site.


Conform is a quick and easy way to construct concrete ground beams and pile caps. It’s made from heavy-duty polypropylene, making it the perfect onsite combination of robust and lightweight.

If you send us the dimensions, we can prepare it and send it to you ready-cut. Alternatively, we can supply it with a knife so you can size it yourself on site: a good, sharp knife is the only tool you’ll need. Like the Permanent Welded Mesh Formwork, it is incredibly easy to work with, and can be assembled using unskilled labour. To form a profile, simply score and bend it into shape.

At Precon Products, we can supply you with pre-fabricated U-shaped sections, or simply deliver a batch of flat-pack sheets, which is easy to handle and store. We recommend using track spacers or mesh fix spacers alongside Conform.

Conform can be easily removed once the concrete has set. The concrete won’t stick to the plastic panels, so there’s no need to introduce oil, saving you this extra task.

Order Your Permanent Welded Mesh Formwork Today

Get in touch with us at Precon Products, and let us know your formwork requirements. We can either cut and shape it onsite, or supply it in sheets for you to size yourself. We provide a fast and reliable nationwide service to the trade.

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