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Reinforcement Spacers & Concrete Accessories

At Precon Products, we have a comprehensive range of reinforcement spacers and concrete accessories, suitable for a wide range of uses.

Our quality own-brand reinforcement spacers are based on our experience of supplying construction products to the trade for over a decade. We know that our clients need reliable and top-quality products that they can trust - at competitive prices.

Reinforcement Spacers For Every Project

Every project involving concrete will need a good supply of spacers. Whatever your requirements, we have a large stock of robust and reliable products, from welded girders through to meshblocks.

Here’s a quick look at Precon Product’s range of spacers.

Dowel Bar Support

If you are working on floor or road construction, we stock robust dowel bar cradles to support your dowel bars. They come in 1.2 metre lengths to make sure that they will suit any slab thickness. Deckchair welded girders are also ideal for dowel bar support.

Hoop And Snake Spacers

Hoop spacers are a cost-effective way of supporting mesh reinforcement. Snake spacers are strong, stable, and simple to set up. They are an efficient alternative to hoop spacers, as you don’t need to tie them. They will reinforce fabric without damaging the damp-proof membrane.

A-Type Highchairs

Choose from medium and heavy-duty welded A-type highchairs. These sturdy girders provide reinforcement without damaging any membranes.

Concrete Spacers From Precon Products

We have a wide choice of block spacers in a range of sizes. They also come in a choice of pack sizes, from 100 to 1,000. These will provide heavy-duty and accurate reinforcement within the formwork. Stable concrete meshblock spacers are ideal for supporting reinforcing bars above membranes.

Our heavy-duty square bars support steel in areas of high-point loads, such as bridge decking. They are supplied in one metre lengths. For an even stronger alternative, try a concrete Tri-spacer. Its other advantages include less contact with the rebar, and because more can be stacked on a pallet, transport costs are lower.

Working with fair-faced concrete? Use our clip-on concrete spacers, which are robust and extremely easy to use.

Other Concrete Accessories At Precon Products

As well as reinforcement spacers, we can supply you with everything you need from formwork to concrete finishing tools. As well as our trusted own brand products, we work with the biggest names in the industry, including Flexadux, Fischer and Don & Low.

Talk to one of our customer sales team to find out how we can supply all your concrete accessories in one simple delivery.

A Fast, Reliable Service

Precon Products is an independent supplier to the building and construction trade, and we work with clients across mainland UK.

With depots across the country, we have a large range of stock available, including concrete accessories such as spacers and formwork. Some of our construction items are available through our same-day delivery service, making sure that your project never grinds to a halt.

If you want to find out more about our products and delivery service, please get in touch with our customer care team on 0844 800 2464.

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