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At Precon, we have a wide stock of products from structural waterproofing specialists, RIW. The British brand has been coming up with expert waterproofing solutions for architects, engineers and builders for almost a century.

Our range of RIW products includes sheet applied systems and their classic liquid systems (we've all heard “two coats of RIW” at some point - that's how renowned this brand is). We also stock their Kryton range that's added to concrete to create waterproof protection that lasts the lifespan of the structure.

Take a look at Precon's range of robust and effective RIW waterproofing solutions, and if you have any questions, please get in touch with one of our team.

Waterproofing for a Range of Applications

For a surface sealant, RIW Cementseal is a two-component polymer for concrete and masonry substrates, which has superb adhesion. For repairs, go for RIW Cementfill, a simple, topical application. If you're sealing a vertical surface, Cementflex offers excellent thixotropy, making it easier to work with.

Looking for solid, sheet waterproofing? RIW's bentonite Structureseal is a popular choice, made from incredibly robust, interlocked geotextiles. For waterproofing joints, RIW Waterstop again uses sodium bentonite, which swells in contact with water, and prevents water getting into in-situ joints. For a straightforward, damp-proof membrane that's easy to work with, RIW's DPM Red polyethylene sheet is found in buildings nationwide. It can also be used to protect against radon in high-radon areas.

And of course, there's the legendary RIW LAC®, a multi-purpose, two-coat membrane that's easy to apply and is suitable for a variety of applications.

Gas Protection by RIW

Radon is just one of the elements RIW products guard against. RIW provides barriers for carbon dioxide, methane and hydrocarbons, as well as damp. Designed to last the lifetime of the building, RIW offers a range of membranes and coatings that can be used above and below the ground.

Used with a primer, Sheetseal is a high-density, polyethylene membrane that's self-adhesive and applied cold. Sheetseal GR is bonded to aluminium foil and is coated with bitumen. The silicon release paper helps the install run smoothly.

In dense traffic areas, protect your damp-proof membrane with a layer of RIW Protection Board, used with RIW's adhesive tape.

Kryton KIM by RIW

RIW's Kryton brand uses Krystol internal Membrane technology. Krystol is added to concrete and reacts with water, forming insoluble crystals that fill cracks and pores. Any moisture that gets in will be crystallised.

This trusted and reliable product will last the lifespan of the structure, while actively increasing that lifespan by protecting it from moisture. It's used for a range of applications, from lift pits to swimming pools.

Talk to the Experts at Precon

If you want to know more about our stock of RIW waterproofing products, please get in touch with the team at Precon. We offer fast service across the UK, and will make sure your waterproofing solutions are delivered to you on site, when you need them.

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