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Dorn Shear Dowels

The design of conventional expansion joints is time consuming, prevents architectural continuity and requires a high level of accuracy in execution. The Schöck Dorn type SLD facilitates planning and installation on site, is cost effective and ensures execution to the highest level of reliability.

The Schöck dowel bar is made of high grade stainless steel and is corrosion proof. The low frictional resistance and good abrasion resistance of the material ensure joint permanency and maintenance-free movement, thus sustaining load bearing capacity.

The Schöck Dorn type SLD (heavy duty dowel) consists of a sleeve part and a dowel part, which are concreted into the respective building components adjacent to the joint. The dowel transmits the loads from one structural component through bending in the sleeve and thus into the other structural component. With this, the welded-on stirrups and the face plate ensure an optimum anchoring of
the concrete.

The sleeve of the Schöck Dorn type SLD is round and thus enables exibility in the direction of the dowel axis, in order to prevent induced stresses due to structural component elongation. The forces can be transmitted perpendicularly and transversely to the dowel axis. Should a movement lateral to the dowel axis be required, the Schöck Dorn type SLD-Q can be used. The sleeve of this dowel is rectangular and thus enables displacement of ± 12 mm in the transverse direction.

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Dorn Shear Dowels

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