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Sika is a leading multinational speciality chemicals company based in Switzerland. It supplies products manufactured in over 300 countries to the building sector and motor vehicle industry. The company specialises in the production and development of products from damping, reinforcing, sealing, bonding and protecting.

Sika and Precon Products

At Precon Products we only stock brands that we have total confidence will leave you satisfied. We have an excellent working relationship with Sika, as well as all the other major brand names we stock. This allows us to offer excellent value on our Sika products making us your cost-effective option for products such as Sikaflex.

SCHÖNOX Levelling Compound

SCHÖNOX is a Sika brand that supplies the building trade with specialist levelling compounds, floor repair and primers. We supply synthetic gypsum based compounds, self-levelling compounds with Hybrid Active Dry Technology and rapid setting cement based levelling compounds. Precon also stock universal acrylic primers made for pre-treating floors and walls.

Sika Concrete Repair

When it comes to concrete repair Sika is a leading supplier of quality products with its MonoTop concrete repair mortars. Precon are distributors of MonoTop 610 a one component cementitious polymer modified primer. MonoTop 612 a cement-based microconcrete with low permeability. If you require mortar for overhead and vertical repairs then you can use Sika MonoTop 615. MonoTop 412 N is a low shrinkage repair one component, fibre reinforced mortar.

Waterproofing and Drainage Solutions

We have a wide range of Sika waterproofing solutions that can handle even the most challenging requirements. Sika has more than 100 years experience in structural waterproofing, handling new basement construction and refurbishment projects. They have a complete range of systems for keeping water in as well as keeping it out.

Cavity Drainage System

Using a high density polyethylene internal drainage membrane, Sika Cavity Drainage System controls water after it has penetrated a structure. The system works by directing penetrating water into a drainage system and a collection sump and pumping the water from the building. This system can be used where the substrate is too weak to avoid the stress caused by water pressure. It requires minimal surface preparation, acts as a vapour barrier and is flexible enough to cope with small structural movements.

It can be used to grades 1-3 and is suitable for high water tables according to BS 8102:2009.

Fully Bonded Membrane System

Precon offers a range of SikaProof® products that produce a durable mechanical bond to either fresh or hardened concrete. SikaProof® can be pre- or post-applied providing a highly flexible polyolefin membrane to prevent any lateral water underflow between the structural concrete and SikaProof® membrane system.

If your project requires waterproofing all types of reinforced below-ground structures that are exposed to adverse ground conditions then SikaProof® is the correct system for you. It will maintain a completely dry internal environment and remain highly durable. SikaProof® complies with BS 8102:2009 Type A construction.

Water Retaining Structure Joint

At Precon we have Sikadur and SikaWell products to create the ideal water retaining structure joint for your project. The Sikadur Combiflex SG system is a high performance joint sealing system which is extremely flexible, durable and maintains a quality seal.

Perfect for use in sealing joints exposed to exceptional movement, repair of leaking or failed joints and reinstatements of leaking joints.

Sika Damp Proofing and Admixtures

Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world and has been since the ancient Egyptian period. This means that there is a focus on quality and sustainability in order for the longevity of the concrete industry. For concrete to be as durable and as aesthetically pleasing as possible it requires all important concrete admixtures.

Manufactured or natural chemicals or additives make up concrete admixtures. These admixtures are mixed with concrete to improve the durability and strength of fresh or cured concrete.

Sika save more than 6 billion litres of water a year in concrete production thanks to their range of concrete water-reducers. Take a look at Precon’s range of Sika damp proofing and admixture products.

Sika Flooring Products

With more than 50 years of experience Sika is the technology leader in performance flooring worldwide. Precon offers flooring sealers and levelling compounds from the Sika range that are ready to be shipped to site - some products are eligible for same day delivery.

Sikafloor Dry Shakes

Usually applied to the surface of freshly laid concrete, dry shakes improve wear resistance and sometimes add colour to a concrete surface. By reducing the surface permeability and improving abrasion resistance dry shakes enhance the properties of concrete.

Dry shakes contain cementitious binder, aggregates, admixtures and other additives, blended in a factory. There are many benefits of using dry shakes to harden concrete flooring, such as time, durability, safety, economy and aesthetic qualities. Precon stocks Sikafloor Fibreshield, Sikafloor-1 Metaltop and Sikafloor-2 Syntop ready for your flooring requirements.

Sikaflex and Sealants

Sikaflex products are a group of polyurethane-based sealants and adhesives produced by Sika. They are extremely flexible, highly durable and have shock absorbing qualities. Sikaflex-11 FC can be fully submerged in water and can be used as a sealant and adhesive meaning it is a very versatile material on site.

Sikaflex PRO, however, is used as a sealant only, but can be used for interior and exterior projects. Precon stock both Sikaflex PRO-3 WF and Sikaflex PRO-2 HP, with both coming in 310cc cartridges and 600cc sausages that require a primer. To ensure your project comes in on time and to standard we also stock Sikaflex application accessories such as barrel guns, follower plates, mixing paddles, skeleton guns, cartridges, nozzles, bond breakers and foam back rods.

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