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What is Sikaflex sealant?

Sikaflex is a type of all-weather sealant popular due to it's durability and multipurpose utility in a variety of construction scenarios. Sikaflex is made by Sika, a specialist chemical company, one of Precon Products premium brand partners. Precon stock a large range of Sikaflex sealants for supply to the building and construction industry across the UK.

What is Sikaflex used for?

Sikaflex has a range of utilities across the building and construction industry. Primarily it is a sealant and it's application depends on the scenario for which is required. Some Sikaflex versions are multipurpose and can be applied both indoors or out.

Included amongst Precon's mainline portfolio of Sika products is Sikaflex Construction. It is a one component, permanently elastic joint sealant compound based on polyurethane. It is suitable for general construction facade joint sealing. It is has utility across a number of joint types including for concrete and masonry, as well as door, window, pre-cast concrete cladding panel joints, and joints in reinforced concrete walls. Air and water sealing of metal and composite roof and wall cladding panels are also possible.

Once cured Sikaflex Construction can be over-painted with most conventional facade coating paint systems.

Another popular Sikaflex sealant stocked by Precon is Pro-3 WF. This is a moisture curing 1-part elastic sealant, once again based on polyurethane. It has a high mechanical resistance and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Pro-3 WF can be supplied in both cartridges and sausages, the latter requiring primer.

For joint sealing on both the vertical and horizontal access there is Sikaflex-11 FC. It's applications include soundproofing of pipes between concrete and sheathing, caulking between partitions, and crack and seam sealing. It also has capability in metal, wood and ventilation construction scenarios.

Sikaflex Pro-2 HP finds wide application in the building and construction industry. It can handle joint sealing for moveable concrete elements. It should also be considered for balcony parapets, connection joints around windows, doors, facades, metal cladding, as well as joints in wood and metal structures.

It should be noted that whilst some versions of Sikaflex sealant can be used in high humidity environments, the application surface must be clean and dry, free from oils, grease, dust and loose particles.

If you need further information on Sikaflex, do not hesitate to call Precon Products. They have years of experience in supplying the building and construction industry and will take the time to understand your joint sealing requirements and challenges. This is key to supplying the most effective solution; one that is both efficient and cost effective.

Precon Products pride themselves on fast service and a high level customer care that is second to none in the UK. Call today to discuss your Sikaflex sealant requirements.

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