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Column Formers

Sonoco engineers applied a century of leadership in design, technology and manufacturing to create a high-strength, rain-resistant design for the Sonotube forms. The new Rainguard technology allowed Sonoco to increase the rain resistancy of
the forms enabling them to stand strong against a frequent contributor to construction delay - inclement weather conditions. Now contractors can stay on schedule by setting the concrete forms and pouring columns even in wet weather conditions.


  • Increased resistance: more reliable in humid and wet conditions
  • Lighter: easier to carry and maintain
  • Stronger: for improved column straightness
  • Recyclable: contributing to environmental sustainability
  • Easy to unzip: All Sonotube® fibre forms are equipped with one or two zippers (depending on diameter). Between 1 to 5 days after pouring, a simple pull on the zip will tear the tube open, making it easy to remove.
  • Better performance: Sonotube fibre forms have an increased moisture barrier and added strength, for perfect columns in a broad range of environmental conditions.

Recyclable: Sonotube fibre forms are recyclable. They can be sorted with other paper and cardboard packaging elements and removed at very low additional cost.

To help protect the environment in which we live and work is of concern to all of us. For this reason Sonotube fibre form products are manufactured from coreboard rather than from more complex laminates containing aluminium. This means Sonotube® fibre form users:

  1. Work in a more environmentally aware manner
  2. Achieve significant savings because of lower waste removal costs
  3. Conform with European legislation for the removal of packaging waste