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Easy Patch Mortar

Easy Patch Mortar is a blend of ordinary and specialist cements, high quality graded aggregates and a unique combination of polymers and admixtures. When mixed with water it produces a putty like mortar with excellent wash out resistance and a powerful bond onto wet concrete substrates.

(D.o.T. Highways Agency SPEC: BD 27/86 Clause 6 Compliant).


  • Easy Patch Mortar is a rapid set structural repair mortar for either machine or hand applications.
  • Example uses would include the repair or caulking of precast tunnel segments, the pointing of tunnel bolt holes, repointing of brick, blockwork and repairs to de-shuttered concrete in dry and damp environments.
  • Easy Patch Mortar can be used in moderate water conditions but should not be used or placed under water.


  • Designed to provide a powerful bond onto wet concrete substrates.
  • Suitable for both hand and machine applications.
  • Contains no chlorides.
Easy Patch Mortar main image

Easy Patch Mortar