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Flowing Repair Concrete


Flowing Repair Concrete is a blend of low alkali Portland cements, microsilica and other cementitious binders combined with high purity limestone aggregates and a system of compatible admixtures.

When mixed, a fluid self compacting shrinkage compensated pourable concrete is achieved that will neither bleed or shrink.

Flowing Repair Concrete can be used in the repair of highway structures, i.e. bridge columns and beams, parapets, soffits, abutments and retaining walls and bridge decks. Also in marine structures, structural repair of reinforced concrete columns and beams and heavy duty applications beneath plinths.


  • Flowing Repair Concrete has been independently tested by UKAS Lab for compliance to D.o.T. Highways Agency Spec BD27/86. Vol.3, Sect 3, Chapter 4 Clause 4.6. 
  • Contains no chlorides. 
  • Shrinkage compensated in both the plastic and hardened states. 
  • Equivalent sodium oxide content is less than 3kg/m3.
  • Single component – easy to use. 
  • Self compacting – does not require vibration. 
  • Pourable – easy to place in shuttering. 
  • High strength – can be used for structural repairs. 
  • Low permeability – prevents ingress of chlorides, acid gases and water.

Flowing Repair Concrete