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High Build Mortar

High Build Mortar is a cementitious low density, high build, shrinkage compensated patch repair mortar incorporating 3mm fibres.

High Build Mortar is designed for the rapid reinstatement of both vertical and overhead repairs to concrete.


  • Single component – easy to use, requires only addition of water. 
  • Low density – low slump enables rapid reinstatement. 
  • Shrinkage compensated – and fibres incorporated, crack resistant, no loss of integrity. 
  • Polymer modified – resistant to the ingress of water, chlorides, carbon dioxide etc. 
  • Early cure time – can be quickly overcoated with minimum delay. 
  • Reduces need for formwork. 
  • Excellent bond to concrete substrate. 
  • Can be placed by trowel, float or hand. For fast, extremely high-build, repairs with enhanced strength. High Build Mortar can be applied by the wet spray process.

High Build Mortar