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High Performance Repair Mortar

High Performance Repair Mortar is a pre-blended cementitious mortar which contains acrylic co-polymers and polypropylene fibres to ensure an extremely high bond in wet conditions and to provide high build qualities.

When mixed with water it produces putty like mortar with an excellent wash out resistance.
It has been designed to comply with D.o.T. BD 27/86 clause 6.


  • High Performance Repair Mortar is a pre-blended rapid setting structural repair mortar specifically designed for hand applied concrete repairs.
  • High Performance Repair Mortar can be used in the repair of highway structures, i.e bridge columns, deck soffitts, beams, abutments, parapets and retaining walls. Also in marine structures, viaducts and RC framed buildings.
  • High Performance Repair Mortar can be used in wet conditions but should not be placed underwater.
  • Example uses would include the repair or caulking of precast tunnel segments or any hand applied concrete repair where a rapid finish and return to service is required.


  • A rapid set combined with thixotropic additives and fibres allows thicknesses in excess of 200mm to be progressively built up and finished. Suitable for tidal conditions. 
  • Contains no chlorides. 
  • Equivalent sodium oxide content is less than 3Kg/m3. 
  • Fibre reinforced – resistant to micro cracking. 
  • Shrinkage compensated – reduced risk of cracking, high bond strength. 
  • Polymer modified – resistant to ingress of water, carbon dioxide, chlorides etc. 
  • Single component – easy to use.

High Performance Repair Mortar