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Hi-Flow Tuf-Top

Hi-Flow Tuf-Top is a free flowing, protein free, self-smoothing industrial grade flooring system which is obtained by mixing water with a factory pre-blended formulation of high quality raw materials.

Hi-Flow Tuf-Top is ideal where heavy industrial traffic is to be utilised and for warehouse racking aisles. Hi-Flow Tuf-Top is suitable for use as the wearing surface or can receive resin coatings

When laid at thicknesses from 6mm to 20mm Hi-Flow Tuf-Top is suitable for use in warehouses or internal industrial situations where there is a need for a smooth surface which has excellent impact and abrasion resistance. Hi-Flow Tuf-Top can be used down to 0.5mm as a flooring underlayment. Hi-Flow Tuf-Top is not recommended for use in wet environments unless sealed with a suitable waterproof covering.

Hi-Flow Tuf-Top main image

Hi-Flow Tuf-Top