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Visqueen leads the market in the manufacture of constructional waterproofing and gas barrier systems. Precon Products, a Visqueen brand partner, carries a large stock of Visqueen products for supply to the building and construction industry across the UK.

Visqueen are highly regarded within the construction sector for their exceptional quality standards, innovation and technical excellence in the field of gas and waterproofing solutions.

Precon Products stock a variety of items from Visqueen's extensive portfolio of construction solutions. Products include damp proof membranes and vapour barriers, cavity drain and waterstops. There are also Visqueen gas barriers, pre-applied membranes, as well as torch-on tanking membranes and damp proof courses. These are all popular product lines which Precon can distribute quickly around the UK from it's strategically positioned despatch hubs.

Visqueen's range of damp proof courses are obtainable in a number of grades and provide differing combinations of advantages. From low loading under compacted applications and superb mortar adhesion to low gas absorption and permeability. Precon's stock includes Zedex housing grade and CPT DPC, as well as GX Hydrocarbon DPC.

What is an urban drainage geomembrane?

An urban drainage geomembrane is an impervious layer of polymers used for water storage. It provides an underlay and protection so the liquid cannot become contaminated. These are best suited to applications such as underground stormwater storage systems, or permeable paving systems.

Manufactured in the UK by Visqueen and stocked by Precon Products, these high performance protective membranes can be installed for systems which very high hydrostatic pressures. The polymers used ensure impermeability across the lifesapn of the system.

The Visqueen EcoMembrane damp proof laminate is a blown film of extruded low-density polyethylene. This can be used for constructional applications as a Type A damp proof layer and is highly tear resistant which helps to reduce damage during on-site application. It is manufactured from 100% post-use waste, that is where the waste-producing use did not involve the production of another product. It is available in two thicknesses; 300?m and 500?m.

Visqueen Protect & Drain is an external water management solution for the construction industry. It consists of a geotextile filter membrane which is thermally bonded to a cuspated, or angular shaped, high-density polyethylene resin core. Whilst it is quick to install it retains a high puncture resistance, and has an upper level flow capacity which can help to alleviate hydrostatic pressure on subterranean ground structures.

Manufactured to high quality standards, Visqueen self adhesive membrane is a British Board of Agrément accredited waterproofing system. It can be used as a damp proof or tanking membrane for both vertical and horizontal applications in the building and construction sector. It is designed to prevent the admittance of water and associated water-borne alkalis present in some forms concrete and mortar. This tough, high density polyethylene solution can be used for above and below ground applications.

As part of its mainline portfolio, Precon Products can supply Visqueen's high performance low permeability gas membrane. This offers protection for buildings constructed in environments where low levels of methane and carbon dioxide are of concern. The low permeability gas membrane is a sturdy co-polymer thermoplastic membrane. It is a flexible product and easy to install. Also a suitable alternative as a damp proof membrane.

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