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Radon Membrane

Visqueen Radon Membrane is manufactured from an enhanced blend of polymer films that is suitable for use in the protection of buildings from the ingress of radon gas. Visqueen Radon Membrane also acts as a damp proof membrane, but is not intended for use where there is the risk of hydrostatic pressure. It is approved for use in Ireland. Visqueen Radon Membrane can be used in most common floor constructions. It is installed in a similar way to a damp proof membrane and in order to achieve effective sealing at all locations, greater attention must be paid to workmanship and detailing.


  • Jointing Tapes
  • Top Hat Units
  • Radon Sump
  • Zedex CPT DPC
  • Sedex preformed cavity trays
  • Gas Resistamt Self adhesive membrane

Radon Membrane