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Pile Cap Sealer

  1. Visqueen SAM or HP Tanking Primer
  2. Visqueen Waterstop Mastic
  3. Visqueen VX90 Waterstop
  4. Visqueen Treadguard 1500
  5. Smooth Concrete Blinding Layer

Visqueen Pile Cap Sealer is a grey cementitious compound containing Portland cement, specially treated quartz sand and a compound of active chemicals. When applied to a concrete surface, the active chemicals react with the free lime and moisture within the concrete to form in depth, insoluble crystals which fill and block all capillaries, fissures, pores and minor cracks within the concrete. This effectively makes the concrete watertight for the lifetime of the structure.

  • Coverage: 1.5kg/m2
  • Available: 25kg
Pile Cap Sealer main image

Pile Cap Sealer

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