Precon Products have loyally been supporting SERV: Service by Emergency Response Volunteers Suffolk & Cambridge since 2022. In 2024 we have renewed our support once again by donating another £3000 to the fantastic cause.

In the summer of 2022 Sika’s Richard Banks introduced Precon Products to the fantastic work SERV undertake. After learning that SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire receive no government funding and have no paid staff Precon Products decided to support this cause by purchasing them a new bloodbike, and committing to covering any ongoing running costs of the bike. All SERV bloodbikes have a name, Precon Products called ours Banksy as a thanks to Richard Banks for introducing us to the charity.

Precon Products Directors, alongside Sike employees and SERV volunteers proudly stood by Banksy the SERV Bloodbike

SERV Suffolk and Cambridgeshire provide an essential service free to our local NHS hospitals, Air Ambulance Services, Human Donated Milk banks, Pharmacies, Hospices and vulnerable patients by transporting urgently required blood, blood products, patient samples, medicine, medical equipment and donated human milk. There are approximately 160 volunteers including duty controllers who take the calls and organise the volunteer motorcyclists and car drivers, many of whom use their own vehicles to deliver items. They continue to receive no government funding and have no paid staff, their costs must be met by donations from members of the public, local businesses, charitable grants and awards.

SERV Suffolk and Cambridgeshire kindly update us on Banksy the bloodbike’s use throughout the year. In 2023 volunteers used the bike almost daily to complete 10 deliveries of blood, 15 deliveries of platelets, 25 deliveries of milk and 44 deliveries of medicine to vulnerable people, completing almost 5600 miles in total. In addition to these tasks requested by the NHS, it has also been used to pick up used boxes of blood from MAGPAS air ambulance and return them to Addenbrookes for replenishment. This means that on 4 occasions in the last 3 months, the blood transported to them has been used to save lives by the air ambulance teams whilst on site of an incident or accident. The bike is also used to promote the charity and attends events such as the Suffolk Show, Hadleigh Show, Copdock Bike Show and the MCN Bike Show in Peterborough. Earlier this year we donated another £3000 to go towards the running costs of Banksy the bloodbike.

SERV Suffolk and Cambridgeshire are an incredible charity and we are very fortunate to have them. If you are interested in supporting them please click here.

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