Precon Products are proud to announce that we have achieved Carbon Neutral Business status for the second consecutive year.

We have continued our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain™ to measure and offset our Carbon footprint. At Precon Products we pride ourselves on being a responsible, considerate and forward-thinking company. Being Carbon Neutral allows us to expand upon this commitment and we hope to inspire other companies within the construction industry to follow in our footsteps. Let’s look into what it means to be Carbon Neutral in the Construction and Building sector.

Image showing Precon Products are a Carbon Neutral business

What does a Carbon Footprint mean in relation to the Construction Industry?

In the Construction and Building Industries the carbon footprint refers to the total amount of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), emitted during the lifecycle of a building project.

Why is it so hard to be Carbon Neutral in the Construction Industry?

According to a report published by the United Nations Environment Programme, emissions from the construction industry reached the highest ever level in 2019. If you add the emissions from the building construction industry to operational emissions, the sector accounted for 38% of total global energy-related CO2 emissions.

Why is this? There are requirements for high amounts of energy in multiple areas of the construction sector, including material extraction, manufacturing, transportation, construction, maintenance and demolition.

How did we become Carbon Neutral?

We partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to offset our carbon foot print. We assessed our operations and implemented strategies that reduce lifecycle carbon emissions. We made green choices where possible, and increased our reliance on solar power energy.

Who are Carbon Neutral Britain?

Carbon Neutral Britain™ is the UK’s Leading Carbon Offsetting Initiative, they work helping British Individuals and Businesses to make an impact on Climate Change.

Founded in 2020, their projects have already offset over 3 Million Tonnes of CO₂e and planted over 2 million trees, making huge steps in helping stop climate change and providing essential forest habitats for endangered wildlife.

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